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Welcome Habitat for Humanity

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/23/2017

As you know, Thrive specializes in building mobile friendly, brand compliant websites for nonprofits like the YMCA. Recently we expanded to include websites for Habitat for Humanity. I’ll tell you how we ended up doing work for nonprofits in a minute. So far, we have launched more than 75 websites supporting various non profits.

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What Makes an Engaging Website?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 04/19/2016

What makes an engaging website?

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Consumer Behavior - Computer and Mobile Device Usage

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

"The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and inserting your message into their behavior."

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How to Properly Execute a Google Campaign

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

Google AdWords and Analytics can be incredibly beneficial tools when used properly. When creating a campaign in Google AdWords there are three options: Search & Display, Display Network Only and Search Network Only. Once a network is chosen there are a series of settings to go through such as setting a CPC (Cost per click) and a daily budget. Display ads can reach a considerable amount of people and a landing page can be attached for a prospect to click and land on. 

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