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The Perfect Day and Time to Send Your Email

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 10/23/2018

According to Hubspot, in 2017 there were 3.7 billion email users across the globe. By 2020 that number is predicted to rise to 4.3 billion users.

How would you like to know the exact day and time to send your next email that will guarantee the best chance for your message to be seen and read?

We started by analyzing 123.7 billion emails over a seventeen month period of time. 

We then grouped the emails by day of the week and time of day. Below you will see which days of the week are best to send emails. Note a score of 100 means this is a perfect day to send your email.


Next we crunched the data to determine what time of the day we should be sending emails. Here are the results based on a 24 hour clock. Note that you will want to select a time of day that displays a score of 100.


Congratulations! So now you know the very best day of the week to send an email and the very best time of day to send an email.


In summary, it doesn't matter.

The minute someone publishing a research paper identifying the best day and time to send an email, a text, launch an ad - everybody loses their mind and immediately starts to use this data and schedules their message for that perfect time.

Consumers are suddenly buried in messages at this exact moment, negating the very reason this "day and time" previously worked.

Once again, spend less time trying to cheat the system and spend more time on writing a relevant Email (or Text).

Spend time on the very things you can control.

Engaging Subject Lines.

Relevant content. Perhaps something that the client / prospect would want to read.


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7 "Lucky" Best Practices For Email

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 09/20/2018

Recently I was asked for some "best practices" for email marketing.

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Fighting Email Fatigue

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/21/2017

Email is one of the most powerful programs available to marketers today. Think about it. Consumers give you permission to market to them AND they actually expect you to follow up on your promise to send them emails.

 My guess is that you yourself have subscribed to an email list. Perhaps a newsletter. So if they gave us permission to send them emails, what causes consumers to unsubscribe?

Recently, eMarketer published an article - Please (Don't!) Unsubscribe: Why Consumers Get Email Fatigue - that looks at the reasons consumer fall out of love with us and tell us to "go away".

The most common reason? "You are sending me too many emails!"

"For marketers wondering how often is “too often,” an August 2016 survey from Mapp Digital found that 40% of US internet users said receiving marketing emails once a week was preferable. This was more than twice the number of respondents who felt receiving emails monthly was about right—the second most popular choice."

Emails content is also a reason for unsubscribing. If the information doesn't match the recipient's needs or expectations, they are likely to unsubscribe. Remember, much like you, your subscribers change their minds as their situation changes.

And sometimes it is not you. You could be getting caught up in "I am simply receiving too many emails. It seems like I am on everyone's list!" 

So what can you do to stop email unsubscribes? 

  • Continue on message - publishing useful content, not just content because it is Monday and "the boss said we needed an email sent out EVERY MONDAY"
  • Recheck the frequency of your emails. Perhaps you should be sending out emails every other Monday
  • Ask your subscribers how frequently they want to see your articles. Ask them, not after they have left, ask them now while they still enjoy your emails
  • Make it incredibly easy for them to unsubscribe. If they have made the decision to leave, don't spend time and energy telling them they have made a mistake.

If you would like to know more about how to effectively use email marketing in your business, call us at 419-776-7000. Or click below and fill out the short form so we can call you.

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Just don't click Unsubscribe.


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Broadcast Email Power Users Only V2

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 04/12/2016

To: Broadcast Email Power Users Only V2

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Our Very Best Ideas for Marketing During the Holidays

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 01/27/2016

There are a lot ways to attack the holidays with your marketing message. Here are a three suggestions for our YMCA partners. But anyone can use them...

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Mobile Devices Drive 66 Percent Of Email Open

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

Mobile Devices Drive 66 Percent Of Email Opens 

Like it or not, we are going mobile!  

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Smart Marketing - Why You Should Have a New Website

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

"The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and insert your message into their behavior."

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Marketing Best Practices - How and When to Use the Y-Box

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

Or When Is the Best Time for The Ask...

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Average Open Rates For Email

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

Email marketing will remain a significant portion of our digital marketing plans for the foreseeable future.  The reason – it works and is readily accepted by many consumers. 

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Email - What Days Have the Highest Open Rate?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015
If you follow the link to the  Marketing Charts article, at the bottom is the following:

Open and Click Rates by Day of the Week

There was less variance when sorting by day of the week (these results not limited to US accounts), although some patterns were apparent. During H1 (first half of the year), email open rates were lowest on Sunday (8.5%), Saturday (9.4%) and Thursday (9.4%), while during H2 (second half of the year), Saturday (6.1%) clearly had the lowest open rate, followed by Sunday (9%) and Thursday (9.6%). While there seemed to be a clear trend for lower open rates during the weekend, the sluggish rates on Thursdays was a fairly curious result.

During H1,  open rates were highest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (each at 10.7%), while during H2, they were highest on Tuesdays (10.7%) and Mondays (10.4%).

Click rates followed a different pattern. While Sundays sported generally below-average open rates, they had the highest click rate during both H1 (2.2%) and H2 (2.6%). Also of note: the next-highest click rates were reserved for Tuesdays (H1: 2.1%; H2: 2.5%), which had the highest open rates, suggesting that drawing conclusions regarding the relationship between open and click rates is a perilous endeavor.

During H1, the lowest click rate was on Monday (1.5%), while during H2, Saturday had the lowest average click rate (1.3%).
Questions about how to improve your email performance?  Give us a call at (419) 776-7000 or send me an email
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