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Digital Marketing - The Advertising Message

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/26/2015

In a previous article I talked about how frequency is more important than reach.  The Law of Familiarity tells us that it is important to make your brand familiar to the consumer.  The more familiar the brand is, the more likely the consumer will do business with you.

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Facebook Cover Photo Changes

Posted by: Brittany Norton - 11/26/2015

Facebook is always just one step ahead of the rest of us. They make changes, often times without us noticing for weeks at a time. Facebook didn't blog about this change nor did they announce it anywhere for people to see. It just sorta...happened. 

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How To Implement A Great Call To Action

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

Guest post from our Junior Developer: Jordan Barhorst 

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How to launch a YMCA Digital Membership Campaign on a budget

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

Are you wondering what promotion your YMCA is going to be for the New Year?

How are you going to market it? Where are you going to spend your budget? 

Taking your membership campaign can have a low cost and be effect for gaining new members. 

Consider this. Most of your prospect’s eyes are online and inside of social media. As a marketers we need to follow our prospects eyes and get savvy online inside of social media. The average internet user spends 2-3 hours of time online and 75 minutes of that time is using Facebook and Twitter. That is only on average, so the time spent on social media could be much greater. So it’s time to transition some of your traditional marketing dollars into social media. 

Compare the cost of using your budget on digital media versus traditional - the trade off will amaze you. Keeping a simple spreadsheet to measure member lead acquisition is important. You will need to track the total amount of visitors, total amount of lead forms completed, the total cost of the Facebook ads. Divide the total cost by the total leads and you will have your cost per lead. This number should be less using social media than traditional media and get better over time as you polish your efforts. 

Here is a short list of the tasks you need to execute to launch a simple online membership campaign:

1. Change your Facebook cover images to match your campaign. 

2. Update your website front page and have corner call outs.

3. Launch Facebook ads: you will spend anywhere from $.80 to $2.00 based on cost per click to target a specific demographic. 

4. Change "About" info on Facebook page

5. Create tab app for promotion to link to promotion page - include auto play video (less than 30 seconds)

6. Create Facebook badge that is shareable for people who have participated

7. Create a referral page, allowing current and new members to share the information

Overall transforming a small portion of your marketing budget to social media is very important to recruiting new members to your organization. Be sure to take the time to create your campaign and match every aspect to the needs of your viewers and followers. You wil increase your traffic online and awareness. 

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Four Tips for Improving Your Retargeting Campaigns

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

Today we have a guest blogger, Derek Singleton from Software Advice, providing some tips on How To Improve Your Retargeting Campaign:

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Why A Great Website Is Essential To Your Brand

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015
Your website is the first impression that a consumer will get of you and your company. It is the foundation of your marketing strategy - where all your customers go to learn more about your brand. You want them to like you right? Then you need a great website that reflects your brand. Now how are you going to do this? Make a checklist of all the important aspects of your brand, for example:
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How good are your calls-to-action?

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

What is a call-to-action? A call-to-action, or CTA, is a statement intended to catch a reader's attention by inspiring them to click the statement and fill out your form. By filling your form out the reader is able to have access to useful information. CTAs need to be relevant to the content you are providing. There are several different words or phrases you can use to create hype around your CTA. Those phrases could be, Download Now!, Enter Here!, Subscribe me now! etc. 

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