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Email Marketing Best Practices, Part 2

Posted by: Gwen Betts - 11/26/2015

Thrive has been partnered with Accrisoft - makers of Freedom CMS - for many years. We consider it our top-notch solution for client-managed websites. One of their most powerful assets, hands-down, is the Email Marketing module. The email game has evolved over the years, but drastic changes have come within the past few months. Our friends over at Accrisoft recently published a very timely piece called, "Email Marketing Best Practices." This extensive guide provides valuable insight for any email marketer; the most important topic surrounding around email deliverability. This is more pressing now than ever before. Steps must be taken in order to maintain a healthy list, which strengthens the chance a user will receive your email and ultimately interact with your content. After all, isn't that the point?

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