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5 Marketing Assumptions About Facebook

Posted by: Brittany Norton - 11/26/2015

There are plenty of assumptions that people and marketers alike have made about Facebook when it comes to connecting with customers. Some of these assumptions could be hurting a brand's marketing effort on social media. Facebook and Twitter are now places where customers gather to obtain information, vent about their concerns or problems with a brand, converse with friends and acquitances, and the list goes on. These platforms are of enormous opportunity to marketers. A constant, running forum of information that brands can use to better their products, company and employees. If you have any of the following assumptions about marketing on Facebook, or are skeptical on how well Facebook can really help your brand - we are here to help you take a different line of thinking and better your brand communication with customers.

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Four Tips for Improving Your Retargeting Campaigns

Posted by: Ian Hartten - 11/26/2015

Today we have a guest blogger, Derek Singleton from Software Advice, providing some tips on How To Improve Your Retargeting Campaign:

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