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Tips and Tricks on Signing Up for PayPal Payments Pro

Posted by Ian Hartten on Wed, Nov 09, 2016 @ 11:15 AM
Tips and Tricks on Signing Up for PayPal Payments Pro
Paypal is growing very quickly and has many different products to choose from. We mainly use PayPal Payments Pro for most of our integration work. However, signing up and getting the information from PayPal can be challenging. 
We recently called and spoke with Paypal’s Payment Pro integration team. Here is what we have learned. 
#1 - There is no way to know what type of account you have by using the Paypal interfaces. 
#2 - That signing up online takes days sometimes - It’s always better to call 
#3 - You must request version 3 of PayPal Payments Pro to be fully integrated with our CMS
Payments Pro General Sales Phone 1-866-745-4036 (9-7 Monday-Friday EST)
Direct Phone Number for PayPal Payments Pro integration support 1-888-215-5506 

How Do I figure out what kind of Paypal Account you have?

Here are the tips and tricks I have learned.  
Everyone that has Payments Pro has a login
  • Always will have a username (not an email address)
  • Are they being charged $30 a month on their billing
  • When they signed they got a login for 
  • If you try and process a cc payment and you don’t have Payments Pro
An active Paypal Payments Pro account will always have this info. Without this info we will not be able to ever login to get the API info to be able to set up Freedom to run credit cards. 
  1. Partner Name (always paypal or
  2. Merchants Login 
  3. User (it is optional and not often used)
  4. Password
We will need the following to start a Paypal Payments Pro account to start processing:
  1. Verification that they have a Paypal Payments Pro account. “Do you have manager account login info"
  2. API Username:
  3. API Password: 
  4. API Signature: 
Problems call the Paypal Payments Pro Team - 1-866-745-4036


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