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The Law of Familiarity Part Three

Posted by Jeff Davis on Tue, Feb 02, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

Earlier we learned that The Law of Familiarity means that people have to be familiar with your business (brand) before they are inclined to do business with you.

We also learned that the Law of Familiarity works best when your business (brand) is seen as the safe choice. "McDonalds versus Bar 145". And it works best when given time to work. Remember the CD you bought for a single song.

The last lesson teaches us that the Law of Familiarity leads to action


The Law of Familiarity Means Taking Action - Have you ever wondered why politicians spend so much money on yard signs? Politicians know that when a voter goes into the booth, they will pull the lever for the name they recognize, regardless of whether or not they know anything about the candidate.

Voters will enter the voting booth with a strong inclination about who they will vote for for President. They may even have a good idea on who they want to elect for the offices of House of Represenatives or Attorney General. But who really knows the candidates for the Clerk of County Courts? Or Comptroller? Or Dog Catcher? But they still feel compelled to make a decision and vote for someone.

Now you know why there are so many yard signs planted in yards, in highway medians or in the polling places. They know that when push comes to shove and we have to make a decision in the voting booth and we know nothing else about the candidate, we will vote for the name we recognize.

So if you want consumers to choose your business to serve their needs, make sure that your brand is familiar to them. This is especially important if your business is focused on products or services that are not staples in the consumer's everyday life. If you sell something that consumers need (or want) occasionally or only a few times during their lifetime, when they Google looking for someone to help them solve their problem (or craving), you want to make sure your brand is immediately familiar to them. "Hey, I've heard of them. They must be good."

Another reason to always invest in advertising. And another thanks to Harry Beckwith and his two great marketing classics, Selling the Invisible and What Clients Love

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