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The Latest Scam To Steal Your Personal Data...

Posted by Jeff Davis on Tue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 01:23 PM

Like many companies, Thrive writes a blog.  We work with a number of YMCAs around the country, building ySites and providing digital marketing services. Our blog contains articles on how YMCAs (actually anyone) can operate in the digital universe and increase revenue by targeting the right consumers.

We encourage comments on our articles and as one of the authors of the blog, it is exciting when an article receives positive feedback.  Over the last ten days or so, I am proud to say that we have received a substantial increase in the number of positive posts!  Obviously the intelligence quotient of the internet world has suddenly experienced a significant increase.  Let's look a couple of the comments from this morning.

Today I had 16 new comments waiting for me when I arrived at work.  There are a few reasons this is unusual.  

None were posted on a recent blog.  They were all from earlier articles, some more than a year old.

They all started out with a positive comment and then included included some version of "Also visit my page with a link.

We use Hubspot to manage our blog and we have it setup so an administrator must approve all comments before they are posted live.  In several of these postings I noticed a warning.

What do you know...  A kind comment followed by an unidentified hyperlink trying to steal my personal information.  I guess the articles were not attracting the audience I was hoping for.

In the few minutes it has taken to pen this article, we have received six additional comments...  Could be a record day!

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