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Our Very Best Ideas for Marketing During the Holidays

Posted by Jeff Davis on Mon, Dec 14, 2015 @ 10:46 AM

There are a lot ways to attack the holidays with your marketing message. Here are a three suggestions for our YMCA partners. But anyone can use them...

Say thank you. Really.  


Not Thank You And...  "Thank you for being a client this year. We really appreciate that you have worked with us all year. As an added bonus to writing us all those checks, we are offering our very best clients (not the average clients) the opportunity to spend money with us, one more time before we close out our books for 2015.  Come on, you know you want to..."

Send fewer emails.  Unless you are having a BIG sale, save the time, energy and effort. Send your email after the holidays. Few people are going to read it during the holiday season. All they are going to do is wait until the new year and delete them en masse.  

Ask them to give. To someone else.  Don't send them a note "We have donated $25 in your name to (Fill In The Blank)".  

Still feel free to write a check to (Fill In The Blank).  Just don't tell anyone.  Don't worry you will still make a difference and feel good about helping.

This is the season of giving. I too will be giving. But instead of giving in your name, I will simply write my check.

Looking for some ideas on how to reach out and help someone who needs it?

  • Toledo Loves Gloves - John Eikost runs this charity out of the goodness of his heart. He simply got tired of seeing people without warm gloves in Toledo in the winter. All he is asking for are new winter gloves for the needy.
  • The United Way of Toledo - They are frequently the last chance for many people in the community. 
  • The next time you pull up to a traffic light and there is an "homeless person" / veteran / runaway" with a cardboard sign, ignore the impulse to think it is a scam and give them a few dollars. It may be legitimate and even a scam artist has to eat tonight.

Peace, love and light! 

Merry Christmas.






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