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Looking for a Better Way to Build Landing Pages?

Posted by Jeff Davis on Mon, Jul 01, 2019 @ 10:15 AM
Increase Conversions. Increase Revenue.
Looking for a Better Way to Build Landing Pages?

Landing pages are more important than ever

When a consumer clicks on a link today, they expect to be taken to a page that explains the solution they were searching for.

The consumer expects it and now so does Google.

If you are running an AdWords Pay Per Click campaign, by now you should have noticed the column showing you your relevancy score. In short, a relevancy score tells you on a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (marvelous) how well Google believes your keywords and ads match up to the content displayed on the page you are driving traffic to.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 1.22.33 PM

Note that this campaign is driving traffic to

Based on the content we have placed on this page, Google is giving us a score of 7/10 for the keyword "YMCA Websites". For the record, this is a great score. Google is telling us that this is a page that Google will want to send a searcher to, who is looking for "YMCA Website".

If you look at the other two search terms - "48 Hour ySite" and "YMCA responsive website" you will notice that these two terms have very low Search Volume, so Google is telling us we will not likely see any or much search traffic for these terms. In fact, the volume is low enough that Google is not even displaying a relevance score. 

So How Do You Build Powerful Landing Pages Quickly and Efficiently? 

Using The New ySite Landing Page Module.

Recently we worked with a YMCA on a New Membership Drive using the new Landing Page Module (LPM). 

toledo_y_landing_page_march2019-1You can visit the actual landing page at

The purpose of this Landing Page was to drive visitors to sign up to "Try the Y" for two weeks and convince them to become a new member. The focus was on conversions, not SEO results.

The LPM allows you to build multiple ribbons (sections, rows) of content that can be layered into a specific landing page depending on the message you are looking to broadcast.

Much of this content is reusable

For example, if you are doing a new membership drive you probably want to show visitors a map with all your locations. If you are running  campaign focused on Exercise, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, Youth Development - most anything - you will want to have a map showing your branches

The LPM allows you to build a single ribbon mapping out all your branches and then you can duplicate this ribbon to all your landing pages. Build it once, send a duplicate to a new or existing landing page with the click of a button.

In this example we did the same thing for other marketing messages that are common to all/most promotions - Benefits of Joining the YMCA, A family testimonial video, How your membership helps the community, Child Care Services, FAQ to name a few. 

Launching a campaign specific landing page

In order to launch a campaign specific landing page you only need to build the ribbon for the Promotional Offer and build a Submission Form that you allows you to track results - like March 2019 Promotion. 

Below is a screen shot showing the list of ribbons built for this YMCA's landing page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 4.25.07 PM

Note that some of the lines (ribbons) have a light blue circle in the right column. This means the ribbon on this page is visible. No blue circle means the ribbon is hidden from visitors and is not visible.

Drag & Drop? Yes, please!

You can also see a black square shape on the far right column of the highlighted ribbon. This is a tool that allows you to grab a ribbon and move it into a new location on the Landing Page. While the content remains the same, you can change the order in which it appears on the page on the fly.

How to get started

Step One
Install the New Landing Page Module

Step Two
Develop a handful of content, video and map ribbons that will be shared across a number of different landing pages

Step Three
Develop a few promotion specific content ribbons that includes "insert your special offer here" and then finish the landing page by copying the content ribbons you have already developed

Step Four
Congratulate the New Members & New Program Members that have signed up!

Keep in mind that the purpose of these pages is to drive conversions, not SEO results. For the most part these pages are not indexed in your menu navigation, they are accessed only by Google PPC ads, Facebook ads and posts and other marketing efforts you use in your market.

Get a personal, live demo

Would you like to see a demo of the new Landing Page Module? Send me an email, or call me at 419-776-700 x214. Or send me a postcard. Or fill out the demo request form.

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