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Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan Launches New Website

Posted by Jeff Davis on Thu, Aug 02, 2018 @ 10:15 AM

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan launched their new Accrisoft Freedom Website this week.


The Thrive team worked with Kristine Dewey and April Welch to develop a new, mobile responsive website incorporating some of the same tools we originally developed for the YMCA Community.

The Goodwill community and the YMCA community are both nonprofits and have similar needs, which is why we included a Countdown Timer and the Silent Salesman in the new website. This gives Goodwill a pair of powerful tools to highlight special events and bring attention to the programs that are important to them and the community they serve.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.23.23 AM

One of the issues that drove the decision to build a new website was the need for an easy to use Content Management System that allows the Goodwill Team (that would be Kristine!) to easily and rapidly add and change content on the site, including text, photographs and video, as well as developing a new navigation menu. 

Today the home page is loaded with the Slide Show, but Kristine can easily replace it with a streaming video hosted on their YouTube channel in the back office.

Special care was given to the design of the layout so they could tell the story of how Goodwill serves their local market and how the citizens of Southeastern Michigan can help - through the donations of money or goods or by shopping online and in the retail locations.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.58.32 AM

Join us in congratulating Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Michigan with the successful launch of their new website!



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