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Consumer Don't trust Retailers With Their Data

Posted by Jeff Davis on Fri, Nov 23, 2018 @ 10:15 AM

"The retail industry is no stranger to data breaches, and unsurprisingly, consumers have little confidence that retailers can keep their personal data safe from hackers, according to findings from First Data." 

It comes as no surprise in 2018 that consumers no longer trust retailers with their data. Just yesterday there were reports that Amazon had a breach where consumer data was exposed.

Great now more criminals have my name, email address and who knows what.

First Data is reporting "Retailers, on the other hand, aren’t trusted to provide the same degree of data security. Just 8% of respondents trust retailers with their data, and about an equal amount (11%) feel confident in a retailer’s preparedness should a data breach occur."

What is a consumer to do? Below is a chart from eMarketer showing current consumer attitudes on how they deal with privacy concerns.


It is rather scary that almost a quarter of the consumers interviewed simply have given up "and just go along with sharing my data". Short of no longer shopping on line, what is a consumer to do to protect their data, especially during the holidays?

 I'll share some ideas in upcoming postings. 

Until then, happy shopping and happy holidays!



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