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How Can My YMCA Best Use TV & Radio?

Posted by Jeff Davis on Wed, Sep 23, 2015 @ 10:10 AM

TV & Radio Triggers Digital Research

Great article this week at

Naturally Thrive is a proponent of digital marketing, but there are other media choices available. We tend to use digial media because we believe that...

"The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and inserting your message into thier behavior."  

And digital is where you find the consumer's eyeballs today.  However, TV and radio are still viable options.

"Even today, many consumers watch TV commercials, and some of those commercials drive further action. The main one is more research, according to July 2015 polling.

Primary Action Taken by US Internet Users Before Purchasing a Product/Service Advertised in a TV/Radio Commercial, July 2015 (% of respondents)


Consider the following from

"Market Track found that more than half of US internet users watch commercials on TV, as opposed to fast-forwarding through them, channel-surfing or simply leaving the room when they came on. And when commercials do spur viewers to act, digital research is far and away the most common response. Another 17% research items in-store."

"Digital research is a natural activity to pair with commercials when so many people are already using a second screen besides the television. Nearly half of internet users polled by Market Track said they used a laptop while watching TV, and 42% used a mobile phone of some kind. Tablets and desktops were less popular, but still used by around a quarter of respondents. Only 21% did no multitasking."

Digital Activities Conducted Simultaneously While Watching TV Among US Internet Users, by Device, July 2015 (% of respondents)


So what does this mean for the average business, including the YMCA community?  TV can be used effectively, if you (and your website) are ready for it.  

The advertising message on TV & Radio should match the content on your website.  If you are advertising a benefit like "Child Care Available for Members", make sure you build a splash built with the specific purpose of explaining how your child care program works.  Be sure to use common SEO tactics so it can be easily found by the search engines - OK found by Google, the 800 pound search gorilla.  Get Google right and you will generally score well with the other search engines.

The article should have at least 600 words of content.  Google can only read words. (Some SEO experts tell you to have 2,500 words, but 600 is commonly thought to be the minimum number for a decent score.)

Use the keywords multiple times - at least three times in the article.

Use images.  It makes the article more engaging for the visitor, but remember that Google cannot see images, so be sure to add Alt Image Tags to give the image a name that isn't Photo123.jpg. Try ChildCareattheYMCA.jpg.  

Use links on your Home Page to increase traffic to the splash page.  This allows visitors who may not have seen the commercial to visit this page as well.  Feature "Child Care Available" as a news story on the home page.  With an Alert Bar. Add the message as a banner ad. Activate the countdown clock with a deadline to register.  Use every tool you have available to drive traffic to the splash page.

And an increase in traffic to the Child Care splash page impresses Google - traffic increases the relevance.  In many ways SEO is like being in high school.  Everyone wants to be friends with the popular kids.  If Google thinks your page is popular, it will want to send you more traffic.

Nothing operates in a vacuum.  If you are going to use TV & Radio (or any media) for its reach, make sure you use the power of your website to support this effort.  The idea of advertising is to increase revenue.  Make sure the spalsh page also contains a Call to Action. Click here to register. Click here for more information.  Call 419-776-7000 to learn more. 

If you website does not have the necessary tools to transform your website into a Membership Machine...

Contact Us!

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