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More Proof That We Are "Going Mobile"

Posted by Jeff Davis on Tue, Sep 01, 2015 @ 09:23 AM is reporting that advertisers will spend more on mobile ads in 2015 than on desktop ads.  

While the event comes as a surprise to few, the timing is surprising as many thought this change in ad spending was at least another year or more away.

So what is driving this move? "The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and inserting your message into their behavior."

According to eMarketer, "The shift to mobile ad spending is being driven mainly by consumer demand. eMarketer estimates that US adults are spending 2 hours and 51 minutes a day on non-voice activities on mobile devices. More than half of that, or 1 hour and 31 minutes, is spent on mobile phones."

"Also noteworthy is that in 2015, eMarketer expects mobile to surpass print advertising's share of the total ad market, sooner than originally forecast. Print's share has been revised downward, to 15.8% of the total ad market. Meanwhile, eMarketer's estimates for mobile have been adjusted upward, to 16.6%."

Smartphones and Tablets What do you have to do to embrace this change? First you must have a website that is mobile friendly. Few things are as frustrating to a YMCA member or member prospect than reaching a site that is not mobile friendly.  "Observing consumer behavior..."  

"It doesn't so any good to sit up and take notice if all you do is keep on sitting."

Your members and member prospects have told you that they want mobile friendly websites - or they will take their traffic (and business) elsewhere.  Thrive specaializes in building mobile friendly websites for YMCAs.  Contact us today to learn more.


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Once you have a mobile friendly website, you should join the other advertisers who have embraced online marketing to reach YMCA members and member prospects using digital marketing.  Facebook and Google are two great ways to get reach these consumers.  Both offer geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting.  Contact Thrive today to learn more! 

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