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Please Don't Advertise Your YMCA Unless...

Posted by Jeff Davis on Mon, Oct 12, 2015 @ 03:27 PM
My primary role at Thrive is to advise clients on how to marketand advetise to increase sales, website traffic, and bricks and mortar traffic...

And I always start with the same thought...  

Why do you want to drive traffic?  

Where do you want to drive traffic?

Are you sure?

"Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising"

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You have all heard  the old adage, "If you are going to invite company over to the house, what is the first thing you do?"  Clean and organize.  Throw out junk.  Mow the lawn.  Pick up the books. Sometimes you even throw on a little paint.  

If your YMCA is having a membership drive or open house, I am certain that you and your team go through your own checklist and make sure the facility is standing tall.  "Company is coming!"

However, the new members you seek have already developed thier first impression about you, before even stepping on your property.

They have visited your website.  

Abundant research shows that internet searches have become the defacto starting point for purchasing decisions. 

So while you may be thinking about your physical facility prior to an event, are you also thinking about your digital facility?  The one prospects will probably see first?  Here are three ways to audit your digital property.

  1. Everyone (almost) now has a smartphone.  75% of all cell phones are smartphones which means this is how consumers will first visit your website.  In fact, more internet searches are now conducted on mobile devices than desktop or laptop devices.  So here is your assignment. Open your YMCA website on your own smartphone.  How does it look? Mobile friendly or really small?  While you are there, try to find your phone number. 
  2. Is all the information on your site current?  Are there any events still posted that have passed?  When was the last time you changed out the photographs on your home page? 
  3. Is the navigation easy to use from a visitors perspective?  How many clicks does it take to find the information for swimming classes?  Can the consumer sign up for a Free Guest Pass?
These three simple steps are common actions visitors to your website attempt to perform every day.  Are these actions important enough to get you to act? Here is one more peice of information to consider.
90% of Non Profit Businesses Need a Better Website
90% of Small to Medium Business Owners and Managers believe a professional looking website will attract More or Better Customers.











So now that you are thinging about it, what can you do?  Call Thrive at 419-776-7000 or drop me an email at 

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