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Digital Marketing - The Advertising Message

Posted by Jeff Davis on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 11:19 AM

In a previous article I talked about how frequency is more important than reach.  The Law of Familiarity tells us that it is important to make your brand familiar to the consumer.  The more familiar the brand is, the more likely the consumer will do business with you.

However, there are other factors equally as important.

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One important factor is timing.  Another is the ability (and perception) that you can is solve the client's problem.

Frequently prospects will talk about price because they are not comfortable talking about anything else.  Their experience does not offer a frame of reference.  This is one of the compelling reasons they seek the advice of experts.  

In addition to making your brand familiar, frequency also helps with timing.  Ideally your advertisement would run at the same exact time that a potential client had a need. Unfortunately, even with predictive modeling, in the majority of cases there is no way to determine when a prospect needs your products or services.  This is why advertising runs in flights or in a perfect world, all of the time. This way when a prospect has a need (or want) for your products or services, your advertisement is there to remind them that you want to do business with them.

Which brings us to the actual message.  WIIFM.  "What's In It For Me?"  Your advertisement must clearly and concisley tell the sales prospect how you are going to solve the problem they are experiencing.  

One of the most difficult problems we experience working with clients is answering the question "What is your competitive advantage?  What makes you differrent than all the other (fill in the blank) businesses?"

Let's review what the answer isn't.

"We are family owned." Consumer doesn't care.

"We have the best, friendliest, best trained staff in the city."  Consumer doesn't believe it. Everyone says this and frequently it isn't true.

"We have been in business 611 years." Consumer doesn't care.

What is in it for me?

"We have 62,000 parts in stock, twice the inventory of the average..."  Getting warmer.

"Satisfaction guaranteed."  "Money Back Guarantee."  

"Free childcare while you work out."  

"Certified swimming instructors."  

"Meet John.  John has run in the last three Toledo Marathons and he leads our spin classes."  

Find unique attributes about your business that others cannot claim. 

Our clients at Thrive do business with us because we build custom websites, in responsive design and teach them how to drive qualified sales traffic to their site using digital marketing.  Then we show them how to convert "visits" to "revenue".  We are consultants helping them grow thier business over time.

We also practice what we preach.  In addition to managing online campaigns for our clients, we own several ecommerce websites and  So we have daily hands on experieince.  

Need help with your digital marketing?  Simply have a question?  Call us at 419-776-7000 or email me at

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