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Groupon And The Future Of Review Sites

Posted by Brittany Norton on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 12:02 PM

review suppliersReviews have always been extremely important to business owners and consumers alike. For business owners, they are a reflection of their customer service, their passion and their product. In the eyes of the consumer, it is a tell tale of whether or not its worth spending money on. 

Some owners don't handle their negative reviews very well and tend to start digging a hole for themselves and forget to take a ladder with them to safely get back out. Responding to negative reviews has always been a challenge and takes a certain tone to correct the situation and turn a negative into a positive. With so many review sites out there today, it is hard to maintain all of them at once. 

Now reputation management sites are a great tool to keep all of your reviews from major, important review sites in one place and quickly answer any posts that demand attention. Groupon has joined the reviews bandwagon. Reviews and deals all in one place? Who woulda thunk? Groupon! That's who. 

So what does this mean for other major review sites such as Yelp! and Tripadvisor? Still two of the biggest and most well known players in the game, I cannot see Yelp! and Tripadvisor dwindling away anytime soon. However, this does mean they need to step up their game. Google search and map will still populate these reviews and draw in customers to restaurants and businesses - but Groupon is throwing a curveball and just might be able to produce a homerun out of it. 

What do you think of the news that Groupon has created pages for restaurants to help promote their deals and bring customers through their doors? Do you think this will be the new face of reviews or will it crash and burn?

Want a little Friday laugh? Check out this brilliantly handled review by a resturant owner after seeing a negative review after the customer had made a phone call to the establishment. Brilliantly written William, just brilliant. 

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