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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Paper

Posted by Brittany Norton on Mon, Feb 10, 2014 @ 12:06 PM

imageWhat is the big hype about Facebook paper? Facebook announced their launch of 'Facebook Paper' late last month; bringing you the newspaper in a Facebook format. It is one thing that the newsfeed has been redesigned several times throughout 2013...but Facebook Paper takes the newsfeed feature to a whole new level. This will change the way that marketers reach their followers and keep their attention. Could this be the direction that Facebook is going for their newest app - moving from their current, traditional layout?

The layout is clean, crisp and has an extremely appealing interface. The app allows users to interact with their personal newsfeeds, view featured stories and customize your "Paper". The experience you want, can be created by you. Golly really know the way to our hearts, dont'cha?  

Have you downloaded Facebook Paper yet? If not, we have all the details for you:

The App

After downloading the Paper app from your App Store, you will be prompted to log in and the 'how-to' video starts. Paper gives you a unique walk through of how to use the app and customize your paper. image copy

Paper separates out the newsfeed by content and type. For example, the first screen is your Facebook newsfeed. You can see your friends updates, flip through previous ones at the bottom of the screen and the top "slideshow" contains the recent posts. 

Swipe the top story feature and you will see one of the customized stories you chose, when setting up your Paper. Swipe again, and again to see the rest of your featured story topics. You also have the option of scrolling through the other newsfeed updates at the bottom of your screen.

Searching is simplified. Interests are catered to. Facebook is creating a whole new experience. WARNING: Falling in love with Facebook all over again may occur. 

How to modify content on the Paper app:

Now just because the interface is pretty and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't always mean that engagement is still easy. Facebook, so far, has made engagement simple. Engagement, from a user standpoint needs to be effortless. As marketers we want to be in constant contact with our followers, making sure they have every update possible. With the new Paper app, and the customized experience, we want to stay at top of mind with them. 

  • With the change in viewing for features and updates, keep your headlines short and sweet. Use bullet points and short paragraphs. It will be easier for users to digest and may spark their interest to read more.
  • Maintain a conversational tone in all your posts/updates. If you make it too formal, users will move on. Entice them. 
  • Use videos, pictures, and other forms of multimedia to get your content across. Pictures and videos are more engaging and memorable than just text. 
  • Keep pages short. Eliminate the need for scrolling and point them in a direction they can view more of your content. 

This new level of user engagement has rocketed Facebook to the top of social media interest. What more could you want from a social media platform? A customized 'home page', stories that not only seem interesting but stories that you want to be served. 

What I am interested to see is how Facebook will manage ads on this new Paper App...hmmm....the possibilities.... 


Some after thoughts: 

Do you think Facebook Paper will create more of a distraction and cause followers' attention to stray from your messaging? Or do you think this new feature will help focus your reader's attention even more than before? 

Could this be the future of real newspapers making their way to mobile reading? 

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