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12 Ways To Gain More Followers on Instagram

Posted by Brittany Norton on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 01:49 PM

instagramStruggling to gain more Instagram followers? Like most social platforms there is a "time frame and best day" to post. Yes, there is research proving that certain days and times are best for postings, but there are plenty of people at other times that aren't considered ideal that might be better followers to gain than other times.

Research shows that Wednesdays between 5pm and 6pm are the best times to post on Instagram. Why? People are on their way back from work, probably waiting in traffic or riding the train home and have nothing better to do than play with their phones and check in on their social media profiles. In my opinion, anytime after 5pm could be a great time to post. Don't go crazy and start posting around 11pm or midnight - most people are getting ready to go to bed and won't be checking their Instagram hoping they don't miss anything.

Instagram posts live for about four hours in the newsfeed before they are "out posted" by other profiles. Choose your timing wisely - but don’t dwell on it. To gain more followers, Instagram has lots of features and tools you can use in order to draw more attention to your profile. Just promise one thing….you will refrain from posting pictures of your cat in different sleeping positions or how they look every time you give them a new toy or catnip. Truthfully, that’s one way for people to NOT follow you.

Here are 12 ways to gain more followers on Instagram:

1. Post at the right time.

Some reports say that there is actually a “right time” to post when on Instagram. I beg to differ. Instagram, for the most part, is a fairly popular app at all times of the day. Considering photos typically last about 4 hours in a newsfeed….you could really post at any time you wanted. I do suggest NOT posting at one in their right mind is going to wake up at 4 or 6am just to look 4 hours back and see your Instagram post - but you get what I mean.

2. Use popular hashtags.

Many users use hashtags as their main search tool when using Instagram. Try to use a popular hashtag or two with your post. DO NOT use a paragraph worth of hashtags. That is over kill. Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Posting a ton of hashtags at once is a great way to have someone unfollow you.  

3. Ask questions in photo captions.

Asking questions will provoke interaction with followers. If it is content that followers have an opinion about or would like to know about - the interaction will come.

Unlike Facebook, you cannot delete people comments on your photos. Deal with them like you would on Facebook: answer them, address their concerns or just let people vent as they want. They aren’t going to ruin your reputation by posting something negative on your photo.

4. Host a contest.

One of the best ways to get more likes or followers is to hold a contest. Making the "follow" a requirement before responding, liking or regramming something will bring more people to your profile. People flock to contests and they will continue to watch, to see if they have won. This means you have to stay on top of the contest and make sure you are posting all rules, winners and possible prizes.

5. Share teasers.

Post a preview of a product or future development you or your company is working on. The teaser will strike curiosity in people and have them flocking your account. Once you make a teaser, don't forget to continue to post regular content. Users will not want to like or follow something if there is only one piece of content every few weeks.

6. Share candid shots.

Candid shots are always more accepted by the public eye than elaborate, constructed photos. People enjoy seeing the “behind-the-scenes” photos or your brand in action. Candid shots are more personable and will draw more attention than staged ones. Still attach hashtags to your photos and encourage people to follow your profile and makes comments of what they like about the photo.

7. Ask your users for help.

Encourage them to share the love they have for your account, brand or products. If consumers really love something - they are more than willing to share it with their friends. Now the trick is to get them to LOVE you.

8. Use Instagram Video.

Since the launch of Instagram Video, more and more users are posting their 15 second videos. Not only can users post photos but they can post a 15 second video about their backstage experience, something funny or really anything they want. Using all the tools that Instagram provides will give variety to your postings and followers will love to see your content in a new way.

9. Welcome a guest Instagrammer.

Allowing a guest Instagrammer to post for you - who has relevance to your brand or is a well known public figure - could draw more attention to your posts and your profile.

10. Ask for shout-outs or features.

Features and shout-outs can be useful for a brand. If loyal customers or followers shout-out your brands, their friends will see that content and click on your profile which will be tagged in the description section of their photo or video.

11. Show love to your followers.

Call out followers either who are winners of a contest or that repeatedly like or comment on photos. If they are making the extra effort to be involved with your brand or show their appreciation - make sure you show the appreciation back.

12. Take advantage of your bio.

Use the bio space to come up with a creative tagline or description of the brand or a popular product. You can even include your URL which will allow users to click and see your site without leaving the Instagram app.

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