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Creative Ways to Use Vine

Posted by Brittany Norton on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 11:20 AM

Creative Ways To Use VineVine has really taken off in the social media world. With only 6 seconds of video to work with, brands are coming up with creative ways to use that time to get their messages out. Some are making them funny, some are informative and some are just meant for contests. 

Some of the best Vines are either incredibly funny or incredibly stupid. Not only are brands using humor or odd themes for their videos but they are connecting with consumers in a different way. In my opinion, Vines are like mini commercials. During the Super Bowl, companies are spending millions of dollars to get their commercials a spot during the game and trying their best to have the more memorable commercial. Vines are working the same way. If someone or a brand can find a creative way to use 6 seconds and get thousands of viewers to remember it? That would be categorized as a success. 

How should you be using Vine to engage your consumers, potential customers and targeted audience? Vine videos are only 6 seconds long so use the time wisely. 

  • Use relevant, popular hashtags for your posts and when creating contests. The #howto hashtag is one of the top trending hashtags on Vine. This is an ideal hashtag to use when trying to convince prospects to try your products. If your product requires assembly or needs extra instructions, creating a Vine about that item will be helpful content to a consumer.  
  • #behindthescenes hashtags are a way to show your consumers an intimate view into the every day workings of your brand, the products you develop for them and the people involved. The Weather Channel did a behind the scenes Vine of their studio.
  • Vine can be the perfect source to show the benefits of a product. For example, Opel used Vine to show the different colors its vehicles come in.
  • Contests are one of the best ways to engage your followers and potential customers. Check out this video from Urban Outfitters who paired with Converse and used the hashtag #yourchucks. The winner gets a number of goodies. See one of the entires: #yourchucks
Another example of a brand using Vine for a contest is RetailMeNot. They created a Vine and asked followers to watch for the Guess For Gold Sweestakes. Here is one of their Vine videos giving followers a clue for the contest.

Vine does not have to be used only for contests or behind the scenes exclusives. Lowe's did a #howto video, not so much for one of their products but more of a tip for gardeners and homeowners. See their how-to video here: Lowe's Vine: How to keep squirrels from eating your flowers 

Vine may not be growing on everyone but they are expanding their user base at a rapid pace and brands are jumping on the bandwagon. You probably should too. Use these brands and videos as inspiration to create your own Vine videos. 

See how Brands on Vine are using these 6 second videos to their advantage.
















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