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Hashtags Now On Facebook

Posted by Brittany Norton on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

How are you using them? Do you like that Facebook has included hashtags? For a long time, some Facebook users have avoided including hashtags on Facebook because they did not want to combine the features of Twitter and Facebook - they were used separately on each platform and were not integrated - so what was the point? Facebook has now taken on hashtags, so all the rebels who used hashtags before are now able to do so and they can be searchable. Facebook hashtags

Since the recent launch of Facebook's newest feature, the Graph Search, Facebook hashtags have taken on a life of their own. Graph Search brings you results based on the social graphs of your Facebook friends and followers. What does this mean? When searching, you will see the search results relating to your friends and businesses you are closely associated with. 

What does the new hashtag feature mean for your Facebook reach numbers? The hashtag will increase your reach dramatically, so be sure to pick and choose the hashtags you use carefully. 


Tips for using Facebook hashtags:

1. When using hashtags in a post - don't overuse them. Using an abundance of hashtags is the perfect way to annoy your followers and may result in them "unliking" your page or ignoring your page completely. When you are using too many hashtags, you are telling Facebook's search engine that your post does not have a main focus and that you are spamming your friends and followers. Two words: Just don't. 

2. Hashtags can be used just like keyword tags. Similar to the way that Twitter is able to track the content using hashtags, Facebook can do the same. If you use a very broad hashtag, the search may not work. For instance, using a hashtag that is catered to your company name or product that you produce will benefit you more than using a hashtag that might apply to your specific industry.


With the new Graph Search feature rolled out, your privacy settings have changed as well. Who can see your content? Are you able to protect your future posts? Check out Facebook's newest addition to the privacy settings and how you can change yours. 


Questions to think over: 

When using hashtags on Facebook, have you noticed any specific hashtags work better than others?  

Do you think that the hashtags will eventually become an annoyance or will people embrace the new feature and keep it going? 

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