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What is Vine?

Posted by Brittany Norton on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 @ 12:11 PM

Social media is a constantly growing platform. As soon as a new social app or site catches attention, it spreads like wildfire - the whole point of social media. The newest fad is Vine. What is Vine? Twitter launched the video-sharing app, Vine, designed to allow users to create a short film of 6 seconds. Each short video runs on a loop, functioning much like an Instagram feed, showing friends and their videos.

For the time being, Vine is just an iOS app, but with Twitter's building of the app it is projected that it will become an Android app very soon. When you sign up for Vine, all of your information, username, photo and email is pulled from Twitter. 

The general layout of Vine reflects that of Instagram. To "like" a video, there is a smiley face and a comments box. You are able to search by keywords or popular videos, again much like Instagram, under the Explore tab. The videos can be sorted out between "Editor's Picks" and "Popular Now" A different take on the Explore tab than Instagram, which makes searching exciting. Don't forget - you can use keywords or tags to search for videos under the explore tab.

Some drawbacks to Vine? There is no social sharing option for Vine other than to Twitter. Any videos that you had previously on your camera roll on the iPhone are not able to be converted over to Vine videos. Once your video has been uploaded to Twitter, because of the constant running loop, the video looks like an animated image on your Twitter stream. The fact that the videos are only able to be 6 seconds long might irritate some people, or cause them to create several videos filming the same scene and posting them all together. 

How fast is Vine going to grow? Will Vine end up in a fad craze like Instagram or Facebook? What are your thoughts on Vine?


If you like Vine, a similar app is Cinegram, check it out! 

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