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5 Tips to Ensure A Strong Presence Online

Posted by Ian Hartten on Tue, Apr 09, 2013 @ 10:17 AM

Social Media is one of the largest, fastest growing mediums online, today. Sit back and think for a minute, is your brand present on the major social media platforms? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram? If you have not ventured into these platforms yet - you need to. To maintain a strong presence online, your brand will need to establish a profile on each. Here are some tips for your brand to follow when revamping your presence online:

1. Focus your content

If your content is all over the place, your viewers will not hold trust in what you are publishing. Make sure that when you make a content calendar you have an idea or message behind each content piece. 

2. Create consistent themes

If you have to have several themes for content, make sure that they flow together. Maintaining a "themed" content stream will appeal to your viewers and have them coming back for more. 

3. Give your content a branded look

Keep a consistent brand image. Use the same logo or styled layout for documents, webpages etc. Brands are known for their visual content, logos and a rounded look. For example, 

4. Have a flexible content calendar

A content calendar is the number one tool you need when participating in social media. Your brand should have a constant, flow of content that is relevant to your business. 

5. Post what the audience likes-and wants to share

All of your content should appeal to your audience at all times. Once you know what their needs and wants are - your content will start to come together and your audience will start to respond. 


What are some tips that you have learned since engaging in social media? Are you following these 5 tips? 

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