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Increase the Engagement of your Twitter Followers

Posted by Brittany Norton on Fri, Apr 05, 2013 @ 03:47 PM

Having trouble keeping the conversation going with your followers on Twitter? You might not be tweeting at the right time or starting the conversation off with the right tools. Twitter is different than Facebook when it comes to keeping a conversation going. Throughout the day it seems that more people are on Facebook than on Twitter, especially during the week. Arm yourself with the right tools and statistics to keep a conversation going and tweet out relevant information your followers will want to retweet. 

How to maximize the interaction on your Twitter account:

The best time of the day to tweet is between 8am and 7pm. According to Fusework Studios, tweets that have been published between these times have seen a 30% increase in the engagement. Tweets that contain less than 100 characters have a 17% higher rate of engagement than longer tweets. (Fusework Studios)

Days of the week are always hard to determine for the best engagement. Brands, companies and professionals all say different days that are "best for engagement". The weekends are always a great time to tweet because people are not distracted by work and have more free time to get on Twitter and explore. The middle of the week is not the best time to tweet due to the rush of Wednesdays and Thursdays to finish the weeks agenda and prepare of the coming week. If you want, treat tweets like you would email blasts. Emails have better open and click through rates starting on Tuesdays and Thursday/Fridays. Tweets will be about the same. 

When tweeting always try to use at least two hashtags. Hashtags tend to increase the engagement rate because followers can then tweet their own thoughts and still use your hashtag to stay engaged in the conversation. 

It used to be said that using "RT" instead of "RETWEET" will get a better response from followers, but Fusework Studios' infographic says otherwise. The tables have turned. It is now better to use "RETWEET" than "RT". Using any form or "Retweet" will amplify the message you are sending and gives a sense of urgency that followers need to participate. 

Start engaging your followers. Strike up a conversation. Create a hashtag and the tweets will follow. 


All statistics were pulled from View the article here

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