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What is Statigram?

Posted by Ian Hartten on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 02:05 PM

Statigram allows Instagram pictures to be placed in a widget to share on a website or Facebook page. They also provide contest monitoring such as the number of likes, the hashtag created for the contest and how many people have submitted photos for the contest. Instagram web management tool   Statigram

Instagram is a growing platform that is not only being used by young adults to share photos - brands are participating too. Since Instagram is a smartphone based app, photos can only be uploaded from a user's phone. Statigram allows the Instagram feed to appear on the web so people who are not on the app can see what photos have been posted. [Click the Statigram image to visit their website] 

On Statigram's Promote page they provide all the information needed to install an Instagram feed tab on your Facebook page and a photo gallery widget. Under their contest page they display the steps needed to begin what they call a "challenge" or a contest. You can request a toolkit from them to start a contest but a previously made Instagram ID is needed. 

Once you have started your contest, Statigram provides Statistics for you to see how many people are viewing your account, the growth of the number of followers, a hashtag cloud is provided and the best time to post for the most views and likes. The final page that could be useful during a contest is the Management page. Statigram provides a roll of comments for each picture you have posted so you are able to reply to the 5 most recent comments and use Emojis as if you were on the app. 

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