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Engage Your Social Media Followers

Posted by Ian Hartten on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 02:26 PM


A Facebook cheat sheet for brands   Articles   Social MediaHow can you get more followers to engage on your Facebook  page or Twitter? Simple - give them something to talk about. Don't do anything crazy but give your followers some information to create a dialogue around. 

Here is an infographic from an article on Michael Sebastian posted an article, A Facebook cheat sheet for brands on Jan. 25th - with some pretty interesting insight. This part of the infographic in particular is very helpful yet backs up every suggestion that most social media experts have been saying for a long time. 

For example, the bottom right blue bubble - '4x: Using a "fill in the black" strategy, in which brands ask fans to add their ow words or phrases to complete a sentence, is a great way to start a dialogue within a Facebook community. Posts that use a "fill in the blank" strategy receive 4x as many comments as those that no not.' 

Constantly engaging followers in new ways will help grow your Facebook or even Twitter community. The top two colored bubbles talk about posting questions. Facebook fans love to answer questions - whether it is for a contest or if they have a strong passion for the brand - they will love to answer questions. 

If your brand needs a content facelift on Facebook or Twitter, try posting a combination of questions, photos with "caption this" or "what are they saying?" or even "fill in the blank" statements. If your followers have the opportunity to be creative and participate with the brand, your online community will begin to boom. Don't expect tons of interaction right away - take your time. Be patient. If the content is there, the dialogue will come. 


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