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What Is Remarketing?

Posted by Ian Hartten on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 @ 01:07 PM

Have you ever been on Zappos looking at a pair of shoes, and mysteriously the next day you see an ad for the exact same pair on CNN. You think to yourself, “Hey - what a coincidence, I was just looking at those shoes on Zappos yesterday”. Then an hour later you see a banner ad for the exact same pair of shoes on Mens Health Magazine? It is no coincidence, you have been remarketed, the news advertising crazy via Google.

Remarketing allows you, as an advertiser, to target specific ads to users who have previously visited your site on other well known websites like CNN,, ESPN, and millions of others.  Part of the remarketing process involves placing tags on pages of your site that  correspond to certain categories you are wanting to promote. Once you have placed tag on your site you can create an ad campaign to show highly relevant messages to the people that have visited those pages already. This is known in the ad industry as retargeting, and Google has now renamed it Ad Remarketing.

Why do you need remarketing? What are the benefits?

Well, remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have left a page on your site, reminding them of the product or service they may have viewed. This will hopefully encourage them to click on that ad and redirect back to your site. Your ads can be either a promotion or a featured product. 

For example, if you type into Google, "AT&T" and click on their site. You might browse through a few pages and go back to Google to try another site. On the right hand side you will start to notice ads from AT&T for deals on phones or their offers at that time. 

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As you continue to surf the web, you will begin to notice ads popping up on the right hand side. These ads will follow you to several different sites:

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  Remarketing will help draw more attention to your brand. Without throwing ads in consumers' faces, remarketing can provide subtle ads that will pop up from time to time, reminding people of your brand. For more information about remarketing and how to get started, visit Google's page on remarketing and get started! 

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