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Facebook's New 'Want' Button

Posted by Ian Hartten on Fri, Oct 12, 2012 @ 10:59 AM

Facebook has changed a feature - yet again. They have now developed a 'want' button. Users can not only 'like' something but also 'want'. 

Want Button

In this article: Will Brands and Users Want a Want Button? Matt Wilson talks to several PR professionals about their opinion of the 'want' button. Most of them do not see a point in the button other than to compete with other ecommerce style sites or Pinterest. Another made the comment, when someone clicks on the like button, isn't there a possibility that the customer wants that product?

The want button seems to create a "wish list" feel rather than what it should be intended for. Are brands really going to use that button? Facebook is pushing themselves further into the sales realm rather than what Facebook was supposed to be originally. 

Is the want button something that will be successful or just another attempt by Facebook to make the site "sell and promote" instead of connecting? The new button only seems relavant to brands that have specific products that customers can purchase - of course this may change.

Wilson talked to a PR professional who makes a great point about the new button: 

"However, Deanna Ferrari, a PR account manager at Geben Communication, wonders why the degree of difference is so slight.

"If they're going to put all these buttons on there, why not just put a 'buy' button and call it a day?" she asks."

Facebook is constantly making changes to their format and adding new features - what will they be up to next? 

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