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Why A Great Website Is Essential To Your Brand

Posted by Ian Hartten on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 10:46 AM
Your website is the first impression that a consumer will get of you and your company. It is the foundation of your marketing strategy - where all your customers go to learn more about your brand. You want them to like you right? Then you need a great website that reflects your brand. Now how are you going to do this? Make a checklist of all the important aspects of your brand, for example:
 - Importance to the customer/prospect
 - what defines your brand
 - good stream of content
If your website does not contain these elements - it will be very hard to maintain the attention of a customer. Easy navigation through a website is key to keeping that customer on your site and searching. The layout and easy navigation can help show off your brand in the light that you want it to. 
According to (Taken from the Associated Press), after polling over 59,000 page views, 17% of those views lasted less than 4 seconds. 4% of those views lasted about 10 minutes. Essentially if you have 4 seconds to attract the attention of a prospect or customer to your brand before they make a decision to browse or leave your website. Are you seeing the significance behind a great website? Everything today is going digital and the internet is the new playground. A great website is essential - make sure yours is eye catching and reflects your brand.  

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