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YMCA Facebook Cover Photos

Posted by James Harsh on Wed, Apr 18, 2012 @ 03:16 PM

Hello YMCA Friends,

Recently Facebook changed how the Facebook Business Pages are laid out. This is called the new Timeline layout. If you don't know what the Facebook Timeline is, just login and check out your organization's Facebook page. It has changed as of March 31st. The timeline layout allows you to have a very large "cover image" at the top of your Facebook page. It can contain text messages and branding, but not a sales pitch per their rules.

Here are a few cover image ideas that you can use for your YMCA page.

FBCover Blue6

At first glance the timeline changes may look scary, however they have some very strong advantages. For instance, the cover image allows you to use a larger image that may represent the essence of your YMCA and portray the look you want. For your page to have the full engaging look, a good cover image is a must.

In addition to that we feel that the ability to add apps, like Pinterest, are going to help your page grow and draw in more fans or "likes". Timeline is better than the previous layout because of the Tab App feature and the new Timeline. With Timeline you can add milestones to your page and feature specific events or posts. If it is important to you, it will be important to your viewers. Tab Apps allow you to feature photos, a welcome page, events and anything else you would like to show.

Our team has been working hard to create great ideas and solutions for growing YMCA memberships by using your website, Facebook and other digital marketing concepts. Please call on us anytime for help with your YMCA's Digital Strategy!

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