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It's Time to Show Off Your YMCA Staff!

Posted by Ian Hartten on Fri, Apr 06, 2012 @ 01:32 PM

Everyday our Thrive Y team talks about how to use digital marketing on the web to grow membership. Today's conversation is about how to compete against the shopping plaza gyms and glamor workout facilities that are eroding membership with low price and trial offers. These facilities are popping up all over the competitive landscape daily. PastedGraphic 3

We all know that a YMCA is much much more than a gym or community pool, but we have to find creative ways to show the public. As traditional marketing efforts like newspapers, radio and TV fall out of our budgets, we have to get savvy and blend our messages into our digital efforts.

Today's conversations lead us to a simple new thought using tools most YMCAs already have... Great People on their teams... This is one of YMCAs’ most valuable weapons against the competition.

Showing off your staff is a strategic way to create a compelling difference between your product and a the others out there. Here is an example on how to to it.

What we have created is a staff directory that is more personal than most. Instead of a staff listing, we are giving staff bio's with warm friendly pictures. You have an instant level of personalization vs just a name and email on a page. A short bio explaining their specific skills and their professional history is included with their picture. Maybe even include a personal note like "Jamie is a 4 time Boston marathoner who will be running in the Chicago 2013 Race."

We know from experience that when people are ready to buy they will look at your ‘About Us’ page and review your staff's bios. Creating a page like this takes some extra effort with photos and page layout, but will set your team apart and help you compete against other ‘swim and gyms’ out there.

Thrive Internet Marketing has a dedicated team to helping YMCAs develop strong websites and Digital Marketing strategies. Does your YMCA website need help? If so, contact Thrive Internet Marketing.

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