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8 Must-Haves For Your YMCA Website

Posted by James Harsh on Mon, Mar 12, 2012 @ 04:42 PM

Building a strong, engaging website is a difficult task to tackle. The Internet provides thousands upon thousands of websites within a specific industry or topic to an individual. Thrive specializes in YMCA websites and members of the Thrive team have researched hundreds of sites and come up with the top eight features that every site should have. How are you going to get your website to stand out? The 8 Must-Have Features for any YMCA Website whitepaper provided by Thrive explains the key elements a YMCA should have on their website.

Revamping your website can increase membership and draw in traffic. Adopting new ways of promoting through the Internet will show how well you are paying attention to your customers. As traditional marketing efforts like newsprint, TV ads and radio commercials continue to have a declining ROI; your website presence is becoming ultra important. The 8 Must-Haves are the first step to maintaining a great website.

An attractive feature that YMCAs should adapt is news listing. Without a news listing members and potential new members won’t know specific information going on at your facility. Some of the other features that are “must-haves” are donations, social media integrator tool, banner ad rotator and the lead form. These features will help draw in new members and expand the reach of a YMCA.

Jim Sterne, author of Social Media Metrics: How to measure and optimize your marketing investment makes a great point on gaining customers - in the YMCA case, customers would be members. Sterne says:
You can't have profits without income.
You can't have income without customers.
You can't have customers without prospective customers.
You can't have prospects without suspects.
You can't have suspects without awareness.

You can create your own awareness by making sure your website has these 8 Must-Have Features. Check out Thrive’s Whitepaper on the 8 Must-Haves and see how you can improve your YMCA website today.


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