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A Frank Discussion About Hosting Fees

Posted by Jeff Davis on Tue, Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:38 AM

One of my favorite questions... "Why are your hosting fees more than quotes I am getting from other web development companies?"

For starters, we don't offer simple hosting. That is one of the reasons our prices are different.

The real answer comes from comparing the services that Thrive includes versus the average hosting service. Most hosting agreements that I have reviewed include hosting. Period. Thrive offers an entire business class suite of service offerings in its monthly hosting, maintenance and support fees.

Thrive Internet Marketing will host your website on a new Thrive Internet Marketing managed server located in our Peer1 Hosting Environment that is always ranked in the top 5 Internet hosting facilities in the USA.

But your monthly fee covers more than just standard hosting.

We make a big deal out of offering Business Class solutions. This is not a website for your kid's soccer team. This is your business. Your lifeblood. It is the hub of all your digital activities.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 10.02.21 AM.png

And since we believe that your website is the lifeblood of your business, we go far beyond the standard hosting agreement.

Business Class Hosting: All of our Thrive servers are hosted in premier secure hosting facilities utilizing triple data backup. Web hosting offerings are based on amount of bandwidth and disk storage space you require. 

Remember from the demo how our websites allow you to restore previous versions of your website with a few clicks of the mouse? Rather than rebuilding all the content and functionality that you spent hours developing, you can restore your website back to the point you started having problems. It is one of the advantages of having triple data backup. If someone destroys your work, you can reset the website to a time when the website worked as intended.

If you need additional space, speed or power, we have a solution for you. One of our YMCA clients raffles off a home each year. Traffic to their website increases geometrically starting in May. So we know to increase their hosting package every year in late April. And our team keeps an eye on their traffic, adding additional resources during the promotion as needed.

Business Class Support: Thrive Internet Marketing provides ongoing support throughout the life of your contract. Technical support is available via phone, web and email. Thrive Internet Marketing will provide up to two hours of phone technical support per month included in the monthly hosting/licensing fee.

If you are having a technical problem, there is someone, right here in Perrysburg, Ohio, who answers the phone and helps you with your problem. Nothing off-shore. Nothing out sourced. Right here in our offices.

License for the Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System (CMS): The Freedom Content Management System is heart of any new website, allowing the client to easily make on the fly changes to their website without the use of FTP sites, including content, photography, videos, forms and menu changes.

Unlike open source CMS, the Accrisoft Content Management System is a paid CMS. That means all the modules you work with on your site are developed by a team of software engineers here in the United States. This assures a bug free environment. Their job is to refine, develop and support the Freedom Content Management System. It also means that you will not have the security problems associated with open source CMS like Word Press.

Business Class CMS Training:Three hours of Accrisoft Freedom™ training are included with every website. Thrive Internet Marketing provides ongoing user training throughout the life of your contract as requested and offers an online library of training videos, accessible 24 per day.

In reality, we offer "All your can eat" training. I am not aware of a single training request that we have denied to a client. If you need help, we are here.

We understand that employees are promoted or leave for other jobs. And you are left needing someone who can manage your website. Thrive will train that new employee in the use of the CMS. And retrain them if necessary. Have a question about how to change/add/subtract content, build a new form or landing page? Team Thrive is here to help.

Our "all you eat" training starts when we begin developing your website. Rather than waiting for the site to be built and then "training" you and your team, we involve you early in the build. Normally, by week two you will be hands on, adding content as we continue to develop your website. By the time the site launched, you will be well versed in how to maintain and improve your website using the Freedom CMS. And if you forget how to do something, we are only a phone call away.

Freedom CMS Software Core Updates: The Thrive team will be responsible for applying all new feature and security updates to the Freedom Software core as they are released, normally several times per year. This eliminates your IT staff from this process and responsibility. 

One less detail for your staff to worry about.

Access to the Thrive Digital Marketing Team: Thrive will schedule a regular, one hour marketing review meeting with you and your team. This meeting will provide you with access to Thrive’s digital marketing professionals for questions or advice about digital marketing methods and results.

Topics covered include advice on the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns (Facebook, Google, Retargeting, Mobile Geofencing, Email, etc.), strategy, research, Google Analytics and A/B testing. Thrive works with a large cross section of businesses and organizations, learning about their successes and failures and we share these Best Practice experiences transparently. If you need a digital marketing agency to launch and manage your online campaigns, we offer this service as well. 

When was the last time you spoke to your hosting company? Right before you signed the agreement? Thrive wants to be more than your website hosting service. We want to help you protect and grow your business. 

So our monthly support fees may be higher than other "hosting fees", but we only offer Business Class solutions, which means a lot more than simple hosting services.

We strive to partner with our clients and be a trusted business adviser. 

If you want to work with a compnay that provides Business Class solutions, give us a call at 419-776-7000 or fill out the form from the link below.

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