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When Can Asking For a Little Go A Long Way?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/10/2017

Thrive works with a lot of "Non Profits". YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Charitable Foundations to mention a few.

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Words Matter - Part 3

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/8/2017

Words matter. 

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My Very Best Advice for Exceptional SEO Results

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 10/2/2017

Rarely a week goes by that we aren't asked by a client how to improve their SEO Results. My advice?

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The 7th Magic Key for Superior SEO Results

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/9/2016

I guess you have to be a fan of Modern Family to get the reference of this article's title...

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A Brief History of Changes to The Google Algorithm

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/29/2016

What do Bourbon, Penguin, Vince, Panda and Pigeon all have in common?

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Simple SEO - Just Add Water

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/22/2016

I was having a discussion today with an individual who wanted to know the secret to improving SEO results. I guided them to a recent article Thrive published, SEO in 6 Easy Steps, but I should have pointed them to this image I found on Google.

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SEO in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/4/2016

I remember my first "collision" with SEO results. It was 1997 and I was running the marketing department for an automotive repair chain - Tuffy Auto Service Centers. We had just launch our website and were proud as a peacock.

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Use Your iPhone to Take Website Quality Photos!

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 09/23/2016

Face it. Videos and Photographs are interesting. They make a website POP!

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Online Reviews Matter...

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 08/9/2016

"85% of customers use the Internet to research before making a purchase" according to a recent article on

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Words Still Matter

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 08/2/2016

In our last article we looked at Google Trends - one of my favorite FREE tools from Google. 

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