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Do Young Adults Use Facebook?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/28/2017


Any more questions?

I am writing this post on a Monday afternoon after hearing for the 711th time that "young adults don't use Facebook anymore." Personally, I don't care if they do or not. There are not a lot of "young adults" that I need to communicate with. My children are too old to be "young adults" and my grandchildren are too young to know what a Facebook is...

Now professionally, I do care.

For anyone who has followed my ramblings for any amount of time, you will recognize the following:

"The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and inserting your message into their behavior."

I want to know professionally because Thrive has clients who do want to speak to young adults. 

If you believe the report recently published by eMarketer, Does Facebook Have An Identity Crisis?, the answer is YES. In fact, the use of Facebook by young adults has grown since November 2014.

The Pew Report , Social Media Report 2016 says, "Young adults continue to report using Facebook at high rates..." 

Another Pew study found that 82% of young adults that are online use Facebook...

And as of today, I am satisfied that young adults are using Facebook.

If you would like to know how Thrive can help you target your business audience, including young adults who are using Facebook, call us at 419-776-7000. Or click below, fill out the short form and we will call you!

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Welcome Habitat for Humanity

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/23/2017

As you know, Thrive specializes in building mobile friendly, brand compliant websites for nonprofits like the YMCA. Recently we expanded to include websites for Habitat for Humanity. I’ll tell you how we ended up doing work for nonprofits in a minute. So far, we have launched more than 75 websites supporting various non profits.

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Fighting Email Fatigue

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/21/2017

Email is one of the most powerful programs available to marketers today. Think about it. Consumers give you permission to market to them AND they actually expect you to follow up on your promise to send them emails.

 My guess is that you yourself have subscribed to an email list. Perhaps a newsletter. So if they gave us permission to send them emails, what causes consumers to unsubscribe?

Recently, eMarketer published an article - Please (Don't!) Unsubscribe: Why Consumers Get Email Fatigue - that looks at the reasons consumer fall out of love with us and tell us to "go away".

The most common reason? "You are sending me too many emails!"

"For marketers wondering how often is “too often,” an August 2016 survey from Mapp Digital found that 40% of US internet users said receiving marketing emails once a week was preferable. This was more than twice the number of respondents who felt receiving emails monthly was about right—the second most popular choice."

Emails content is also a reason for unsubscribing. If the information doesn't match the recipient's needs or expectations, they are likely to unsubscribe. Remember, much like you, your subscribers change their minds as their situation changes.

And sometimes it is not you. You could be getting caught up in "I am simply receiving too many emails. It seems like I am on everyone's list!" 

So what can you do to stop email unsubscribes? 

  • Continue on message - publishing useful content, not just content because it is Monday and "the boss said we needed an email sent out EVERY MONDAY"
  • Recheck the frequency of your emails. Perhaps you should be sending out emails every other Monday
  • Ask your subscribers how frequently they want to see your articles. Ask them, not after they have left, ask them now while they still enjoy your emails
  • Make it incredibly easy for them to unsubscribe. If they have made the decision to leave, don't spend time and energy telling them they have made a mistake.

If you would like to know more about how to effectively use email marketing in your business, call us at 419-776-7000. Or click below and fill out the short form so we can call you.

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Just don't click Unsubscribe.


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Landing Pages - Best Practices

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/14/2017

What is a landing page?

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When Can Asking For a Little Go A Long Way?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/10/2017

Thrive works with a lot of "Non Profits". YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Charitable Foundations to mention a few.

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Words Matter - Part 3

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/8/2017

Words matter. 

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My Very Best Advice for Exceptional SEO Results

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 10/2/2017

Rarely a week goes by that we aren't asked by a client how to improve their SEO Results. My advice?

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Does Anyone Watch TV Any More?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 01/30/2017

As we continue to try and get our marketing messages in front of the right consumer, it is important to match the consumer with their actual viewing habits. Too often we make decisions based on overall trends without looking into the actual behavior of the consumer we are trying to reach. How many times have you heard that TV advertising is dead? "It doesn't reach today's millennials." 

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A Frank Discussion About Hosting Fees

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/13/2016

One of my favorite questions... "Why are your hosting fees more than quotes I am getting from other web development companies?"

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The Trump Bot

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/9/2016

Or Interesting Things You Find In Google Analytics

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