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Facebook Targeting Really Works - A Case Study

Posted by Jeff Davis on Thu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 10:13 AM

We are constantly asked if Facebook targeting really works. This summer one of our clients asked us to manage a campaign on Facebook for their annual Fall Bridal Shower.

We used Facebook to target brides and everything bridal. By using geographic, demographic, behavioral and interest targeting, we took a potential audience of 500,000 Facebook users in NW Ohio and SW Michigan down to a manageable 64,000 interested consumers. We targeted a 25 mile radius around the event. We targeted females 25-54, interested in weddings, wedding cakes, wedding venues, engagement rings, engaged to be married, friends of people getting married. Every bridal interest or behavior we could find.

The campaign was designed to run for 20 days, starting slowly and ramping up to the day of the event.


Over the 18 days of the campaign, we reached 39,088 targeted individuals with a cost per click of $0.16 through targeted Facebook ads. The results was 8,808 visitors to the client's website.

We also leveraged boosted posts on the client's Facebook page. Two boosted posts - one the week prior to the event and one the week of the event reached another 4,019 individuals at a total cost of $75 and generated another 126 clicks to the website. 

And we worked with the area's leading Arts and Entertainment site - and conducted two additional boosted posts to their Facebook audience. This generated another 360 clicks to the website.

All told, we sent 9,543 sales prospects to the clients website at an average CPC of less than $0.17.

This was the first year that the client invested so heavily in social media advertising - at the expense of traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper. He still invested in these mediums, but not as heavily as the previous year. A quick look at Google Analytics show that the results were impressive.


The 2015 campaign had a high water mark of 418 visitors to the website in a single day. For the month it generated 2,384 sessions.


The 2016 campaign had a single day high water mark of 644 visitors. But the campaign brought in 7,703 visitors for a similar time period. 

"The very best marketing comes from observing consumer behavior and inserting your message into their behavior."

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