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Dear Facebook, You Just Made My Day!

Posted by Brittany Norton on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 11:28 AM

Dearest Facebook,

My frustration level with your advertising tool, as a marketer, has been unreal. The first set of changes happened last summer. The dashboard set up was changing, my beloved green "Create An Ad" button disappeared for weeks, and only intensified my separation anxiety. My anxiety level should not change because of your ads manager, Facebook.

I will say, the changes to the reporting dashboard have been nice; the graph is more prominent, website clicks, page likes and clicks are all mapped out and clear to see. Then, there were the changes to the types of ads I could make.... [cue intense, potentially scary music]. Oh joy. Now I have the option to make an ad for page engagement, clicks to website, page likes, website conversions, app installs, app engagement, event responses, and offer claims. Long way from the original set up don'tcha think? 

Facebook's Original Ads layout... 

Screen Shot 2013 08 29 at 11.46.21 AM

The new one....

new FB ads manager

Now my real issues with Facebook ads manager came with the reporting. Why can't I choose my own timeframe? The options I had were 1 day ago, 7 days ago, 28 days ago or custom. But custom wasn't really custom. It was, "Here, choose a date, then you can see data from 1 day ago, 7 days ago or 28 days ago." [dun dun duuuuuuun] Umm, Facebook, that's no bueno. I am now forced to go into the full report to get my data and I don't have the pretty graph to go with it. Again, no bueno. The reports I have to give clients directly from your dashboard never end up the way they should so again my wish for a better reporting timeframe is at the top of my list. Please? Pretty please?

Well yipee! My wish came true and Facebook initiated a new reporting timeframe on the main dashboard! new FB timeframe

Oh Facebook, you know the right way to my marketing heart don't you? 


So THANK YOU Facebook for the new ads layout. It's simple and gives me, as a marketer and a social media manager, more options to offer the client when setting up their campaign. 

And a huge THANK YOU for the new reporting timeline option!! :) :) :) My office dance will not be public for you to see how excited I am about this new addition to the dashboard but rest assured, I am very grateful for the option to CHOOSE my own timeframe! 

Now don't go messing with my new love for this reporting timeframe, you little rascal. I might be forced to put you back on my list of things that give me Marketing Anxiety. 




A very happy Facebooker 

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