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10 Ways To Increase Your YMCA Membership in 2014

Posted by Brittany Norton on Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 04:08 PM
Many YMCA's struggle to come up with campaigns that will drive members to their locations. Using social media can greatly help your campaign's success and drive more members to your Y. How can you do this will social media? Here are 10 ways to jump start that process:

1. Cover Photo

Your cover photo is one of the first images that people will see when they reach your Facebook page. For purposes of your campaign, you will want your campaign slogan and offer listed. An arrow pointing to the tab app you will use for sign ups or registrations is also a good idea. It will point your potential members to the exact spot they can find more information and request a tour, phone call, application etc. 

2. Tab App

A tab app is one of the most important parts of your campaign. Within the tab app, you will have your landing page framed in with a form, a short paragraph about requesting more information and what the offer is for signing up as a member. You will want to use imagery for your tab app image that relates to the campaign. Just simply using your logo will not be "enticing enough" - especially when you're pushing a campaign.

3. Promoted Post

Promoted posts are always a crucial part of a campaign. Promoting the post is typically not as successful at the beginning of the campaign as it is at the end. In the beginning, the post will be viral. The first few days of a campaign are usually exciting to current or potentially new members so they will share, like and comment away! At the end of the campaign, when you want to get those last minute people who may have passed over your offer in the first few weeks will see a post with an urgent message, "____ DAYS LEFT TO SAVE!" Such as the example below.....

4. Pin the post

Pinning the post to the top of the Facebook wall will allow people to see it first, even before more recent content you may have posted. When you pin a post, the exposure of the content increases greatly and will be a constant reminder to those coming back to the page that you have an offer for them to join the Y. Towards the end of the campaign, you will want to "unpin" the post to allow your promoted post for the "Days to Save" to see some love from the top of the page. 

5. Change your About section

Changing the About section on your page may not bring in tons of new fans or members, but it will give a short blurb of what your current offer is. When the campaign is over, switch the content back to your mission statement, a short paragraph about what makes your Y unique to those around your area or a small history statement about the YMCA organization.

6. Ads

Ads are THE most important part of this campaign once you have finished your landing page. The ads are going to help you push the campaign even further than you could imagine. By selecting demographics, the correct wording and using the right image, these ads will bring your landing page more attention than you have seen before. Now that Facebook allows newsfeed ads, the exposure and audience reach has greatly increased - allowing more and more people to see the benefit of joining the YMCA. 

7. Create an ROI sheet to track your ads and leads

Creating an ROI spreadsheet will help you keep your ads and progress straight. Don't just measure your success by the number of forms filled out each day. See how many people you have reached. Look over your Total Daily Clicks numbers. The number of people you are reaching is probably much more than you had imagined. Form fill outs are not always a great indicator of your success because you could have a member who has seen the ad, clicked and read your information - they might want to come in and personally talk to a YMCA employee to see their options, see the facility themselves or fill out physical forms and become members in person. They might also want to make a phone call. It depends on the member - so don't leave those out. Track those people who are walk ins or phone calls on this sheet as well. 


8. Corner Pop or Countdown timer

A corner pop or a countdown timer will help with the sense of urgency and be a great reminder for those visiting the website. The corner pop and countdown timer remain as the someone scrolls up and down on the site. Place either one on every page you have on the site. This way it will always be there. If someone just wanted to browse through the site before filling out a form, the countdown will remain on the page and give that person a quick, easy way to get to that form to request more information. 

9. Included in Website slideshow

Including your campaign information in your slideshow will again create more exposure and encourage more clicks. Often times people will visit the website of a gym or workout facility they are interested in before becoming a member. If they see a great deal during the time they want to sign up, their decision will be that much easier to make to become a member with your Y. Don't pass up an easy opportunity to catch the eye of potential members who may not go on Facebook that often. 

10. Thank You Page

Once the lead has filled out a form, direct them to another area of your website. Include a thank you message for their interest and provide them will even more information that will excite them even more about starting the process to sign up as a member. 


Membership campaigns are some of the largest campaigns a YMCA will run all year. It is important to give your leads as many ways to get information or sign up as possible. Don't leave room for them to doubt a sign up or request form. Give them all the benefits and support your campaign with as many social media platform "tools" as you can. 


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