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Great Ideas to Engage Your Facebook Followers

Posted by Brittany Norton on Tue, Oct 08, 2013 @ 03:18 PM

photo frames 1259902 sIt can be difficult to get your followers to engage with your content on social media. Just because you are producing great content and your chest swells with pride when you read it, doesn't mean you've successfully caught your followers eyes and enticed them. When it comes to content, you want your followers to want to comment, "like", share or tell their friends without you telling them too. This can be done with not only exciting content but a different approach as well. 

Instead of just posting a picture and saying, "Hey fans, what'dya think?" - You might as well be talking to a wall. Challenge them. Make them want to write on your photo, share it on their own wall or "like" it. Let's face it, majority of the time, people will click on something if there is an interesting photo with enticing text attached in some form. Let's see some of the big players putting this into action.....


Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.02.17 PM

As part of Starbucks' Treat Receipt promo, they start posting recipes. Suggestions to bring you back into the store? Possibly just suggestions so you could use their coffee at home and experiment with flavors and ingredients? Either way, Starbucks is rockin' it. This is a fantastic way to engage people. The number of questions that followers could have about this are endless. 

This photo also gets you thinking huh? "Man, that cookie could be so good with coffee - and caramel! Ooooo! I should try that!" Hungry yet? Here's another one:


Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.02.27 PM

Ok, now they are just toying with us. That looks like a great snack, dontcha think? Bravo, Starbucks, Bravo. 


Now Redbull's images on Facebook are usually out-of-this-world. I'm serious. The photographer for Redbull is a genius. Whoever this individual is, captures some incredible images and the followers love it. Again, give your followers great, compelling content and imagery - they will share, "like", and comment. 

Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.18.21 PM

Look at the numbers on this post. 18,346 likes?! 638 shares? 112 comments. Outrageous. But you know what? They engaged their followers. And you can too. 

Another very smart, cool tactic that Redbull uses is the "Caption This" method. Hold a contest for your followers. Who can come up with the funniest caption? 

Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.30.01 PM

Another big brand that does engagement well is Oreo. Yes, everyone loves the dunkable little chocolate wafer cookies with fluffy filling - but how do you make cookies interesting and keep people engaged? Well it's a lot easier than you least for Oreo it is....

Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.31.24 PMTricky little cookie monsters, huh? Check out their Twitter account, Oreo Cookie, daily - they post equally fun photos. 

Chobani hardly ever goes wrong either with their pictures. They leave you hungry and wanting their Chobani yogurt with the variety of different recipes and foods they post on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2013 10 08 at 4.55.20 PM

It may seem difficult but some of these photos are very simple. Good quality photos with a fun and catchy caption can bring so many people to your page and see your content - you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Drive people to your content. Use compelling photos. Come up with ways to engage your followers. Maybe even throw in a contest or two. You can also try taking suggestions from your followers. Go on, it will be fun. 



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