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YMCAs: Why Should You Sign Up for ySocial?

Posted by Brittany Norton on Thu, Sep 26, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

ySocialWhat is ySocial? ySocial is Thrive's Newest YMCA Solution. We understand that YMCAs are busy in their day to day routines, their main concern is their members and providing them with the best possible experience. Here at Thrive, we wanted to provide YMCAs with a variety of content choices to post on their Facebook pages. 

Each ySocial document has several categories relating to the core values of the YMCA, seasonal postings, Child Care, ideas/suggestions, and membership. 

Smaller staffed YMCAs often struggle to have as much content as possible ready for their Facebook pages when they have campaigns and activities to worry about.  ySocial is perfect for these YMCAs - there is plenty of content to choose from to help on those busy days where they might not have enough time to come up with a post. 

When we started creating these postings, we wanted to make sure that the content relates to YMCAs as much as possible - so we have asked for feedback with each email to see how this program can be improved for YMCA big and small. 

If you haven't already signed up for ySocial, do so now! 

Join ySocial now!  


If you should have any questions about ySocial or the services we provide to YMCAs, please feel free to contact James Harsh at 419-776-7000 x201 or






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