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2013 Facebook Changes To Know About

Posted by Brittany Norton on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 10:53 AM

Facebook has been busy this year with all the changes they have made to the News Feed, timelines, personal profiles, business and interest pages, Graph Search and verified profiles. Despite Facebook wanting to keep us constantly on our toes….a learning curve comes with each change. Learn all the changes that have happened in 2013 and how they affect you and your Facebook presence.

What major changes have you seen? Do you like them? 

2013 Changes: 

1. Graph search. 

The open graph search allows users to search for connections based on their interests, people they know and photos. Searching is now easier than ever.

2. The new News Feed. 

Tons of content is posted daily within Facebook. In order for users to see the content they really want to see, Facebook has changed the news feed and added some other feeds related to interests. The news feed is now brighter and less cluttered.

3. Timeline tweaks.

The layout for timeline has changed - again. With a cleaner, fresh look, timeline allows users to browse their profile as well as their friends' with an easy to navigate layout. 

4. “I am doing…” 

 Status updates now allow emoticons to be posted along with tagging a page or including an interest. For example, if someone is watching a movie, users can post a movie icon, tag the movie they are watching and tag the movie Facebook page. Users can post what they are feeling, doing, thinking etc. There are so many options!

Facebook changes is not shocking to users. The social platform is always changing and making searching, connecting and interacting easier. 


To see the complete list, stay tuned to download our whitepaper! Check our Twitter and Facebook pages for the download to get all the changes Facebook has made in 2013. We will go through each change and show you how your business can benefit from these changes and how to best use them on your page! Make your Facebook presence the best it can be.

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