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Landing Pages - Best Practices

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/14/2017

What is a landing page?

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When Can Asking For a Little Go A Long Way?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/10/2017

Thrive works with a lot of "Non Profits". YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Charitable Foundations to mention a few.

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Words Matter - Part 3

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/8/2017

Words matter. 

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My Very Best Advice for Exceptional SEO Results

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 02/6/2017

Rarely a week goes by that we aren't asked by a client how to improve their SEO Results. My advice?

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Does Anyone Watch TV Any More?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 01/30/2017

As we continue to try and get our marketing messages in front of the right consumer, it is important to match the consumer with their actual viewing habits. Too often we make decisions based on overall trends without looking into the actual behavior of the consumer we are trying to reach. How many times have you heard that TV advertising is dead? "It doesn't reach today's millennials." 

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A Frank Discussion About Hosting Fees

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/13/2016

One of my favorite questions... "Why are your hosting fees more than quotes I am getting from other web development companies?"

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The Trump Bot

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/9/2016

Or Interesting Things You Find In Google Analytics

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The 7th Magic Key for Superior SEO Results

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/9/2016

I guess you have to be a fan of Modern Family to get the reference of this article's title...

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"Sales" Is A Dirty, Filthy Word?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/7/2016

Words do matter.

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Selling the Invisible

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 12/5/2016

Selling the Invisible is a brilliant book by Harry Beckwith.

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