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SEO Tip #7 The Most Important SEO Tip

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 05/21/2019
SEO Tips - A Free Bonus Tip
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SEO Tip #6 How to Tell Google You Plan to be in Business for a Long Time!

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 05/14/2019
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SEO Tip #5 Yes, Reviews Impact Your SEO Results!

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 05/7/2019
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SEO Tip Number 4 - How Does Your Business Look Across the Web?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 04/30/2019
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SEO Tip #3:Your Website Needs to Load Fast!

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 04/23/2019

Google has published a clear indicator that website load time is important to rank towards to the top of search results.

"Six months after announcing it, Google rolled out the mobile page speed update, making page speed a ranking factor for mobile results." 
Mobile Speed Update  —  July 9, 2018

Since Google knows that consumers are continuing to access the internet in increasing numbers on smartphones, the speed of page loads appear to be a major indicator of how to rank well in search results. 

Did you know?

An extra 1 second delay in page load leads to an 11% decrease in page views. 

This Is Where Google Analytics Can Help!

One of the over looked features in Google Analytics is under the Behavior Menu Tab. This is where you find Site Speed/Page Timings and Speed Suggestions. 

Page Timings

Within Page Timings you will see individual pages and the time they take to load relative to the other pages on your site.

In the example below, you will see a bar graph. The pages listed in red (right of the center line) are loading slower than the rest of the website. In fact, Line 9 takes more than four times as long to load as the average page.

Speed Suggestions

If you click on the next menu item - Speed Suggestions - you will see that Google has 7 suggestions for improving the load time for this page.

The most common reason for a slow loading page?

Large images that need to be compressed. Good news to those with a Thrive ySite... our CMS automatically resizes images for you! That means not just the dimensions of the image, but the file size too. No more accidentally putting 2MB+ size images on your website again!

You can not only select from the pre-determined sizes: large, medium, small, or thumbnail but you can also use the image handles in the editor to resize to the exact unique size you want.


Need Help With SEO or a New YMCA Website?

We'd be happy to do an audit specifically for you & your YMCA's website. 

Please fill out this form today and we will be in touch 
or call Jeff now: 419.776.7000 x214




Next week: How Google Audits your business information 
& how it can effect SEO results.

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SEO Tip #2 - Are Mobile Responsive Websites Even an Option?

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 04/16/2019
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SEO Tip #1 Why your YMCA needs an SSL Certificate

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 04/12/2019
SEO Tip #1 of 6
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Why Users Are Feed-Up With Digital Ads - Part One

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/27/2018

Today I am sharing a link to a great article from 

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Consumer Don't trust Retailers With Their Data

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 11/23/2018

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The Perfect Day and Time to Send Your Email

Posted by: Jeff Davis - 10/23/2018

According to Hubspot, in 2017 there were 3.7 billion email users across the globe. By 2020 that number is predicted to rise to 4.3 billion users.

How would you like to know the exact day and time to send your next email that will guarantee the best chance for your message to be seen and read?

We started by analyzing 123.7 billion emails over a seventeen month period of time. 

We then grouped the emails by day of the week and time of day. Below you will see which days of the week are best to send emails. Note a score of 100 means this is a perfect day to send your email.


Next we crunched the data to determine what time of the day we should be sending emails. Here are the results based on a 24 hour clock. Note that you will want to select a time of day that displays a score of 100.


Congratulations! So now you know the very best day of the week to send an email and the very best time of day to send an email.


In summary, it doesn't matter.

The minute someone publishing a research paper identifying the best day and time to send an email, a text, launch an ad - everybody loses their mind and immediately starts to use this data and schedules their message for that perfect time.

Consumers are suddenly buried in messages at this exact moment, negating the very reason this "day and time" previously worked.

Once again, spend less time trying to cheat the system and spend more time on writing a relevant Email (or Text).

Spend time on the very things you can control.

Engaging Subject Lines.

Relevant content. Perhaps something that the client / prospect would want to read.


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